Who said aging can't be fun?
Not us.

Ayuda is a place for seniors to discover local activities and make new friends.

Upcoming Events

House Concert With Francesca Lee
Concert San Francisco, CA

House Concert With Francesca Lee

This concert features local singer-songwriter, Francesca Lee. Francesca Lee writes songs that tell intimate stories of the human heart th...
$15 per person
August 16
Folk Music With Clementine Darling
Concert Santa Rosa, CA

Folk Music With Clementine Darling

Join us for music and socializing at the lovely Chroma Gallery in Santa Rosa! We'll be listening to local folk singer and singer-songwrit...
$15 per person
August 10
An Afternoon of Jazz with Morgan Maudiére
Concert Berkeley, CA

An Afternoon of Jazz with Morgan Maudiére

Pianist, Morgan Maudiére, from Sedan, France, brings the groove, the swing, and all the rest. He regularly performs with international re...
$15 per person
July 24

Past Events

Soprano Sara LeMesh with Pianist Allegra Chapman
Concert Ross, CA

Soprano Sara LeMesh with Pianist Allegra Chapman

Pianist Allegra Chapman and soprano Sara LeMesh are both from Marin County, earned music degrees at Bard College, and perform frequently ...
$15 per person
July 19
Leanne Kelly, Singer-Songwriter
concert Berkeley, CA

Leanne Kelly, Singer-Songwriter

Praised for her "hypnotizing vocals" (Musical Heart Beat), Leanne Kelly is the lead and songwriter for San Francisco-based project, New S...
$15 per person
July 12

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Ayuda events are facilitated by top-notch teachers, artists, experts, and coaches. Participate alongside other adults with common interests, and form new meaningful relationships.

Enrich your life
One activity at a time.

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  • Music Concerts
  • Jewelry making
  • Cooking classes
  • Knitting and crochet
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  • ...and much more...

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